Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 11, 2017. Bogus Basin

LOCATION:  Housesitting in Boise, Idaho

WEATHER:  Hot - 100, but tolerable


We have a routine....the puppy just loves exercise.  So, in the early mornings, with coffee in hand, I pitch balls for Addy to fetch.  We do that until the sprinklers in the back yard start up.  Then, it is time to water the flowers.  Sometimes we take Addy for a walk in the neighborhood.  It is fun to look at different houses.  

Today's trip was to Bogus Basin.  It is a popular ski resort in the winter....(I didn't take this photo!)

About 30 miles from downtown Boise, it is a popular place in the winter.  Today, there were a few people there, mostly hiking.  The road up there was steep and curvy, rising from about 2000 feet elevation to almost 7000.  Around the hairpin curves, we could see Boise below.  


Some people were taking the ski lift up high, to then hike back down.

It was cooler up there - 80 compared to 100 in Boise.  


DINNER:  Elk steaks on the grill!  Our homeowner is a hunter and had encouraged us to try one from the freezer.  Really tasty and lean.  The dogs were quite envious.  Sauteed potatoes on the side with vegetables, and a salad.    

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