Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 30, 2017. Last day housesitting in Walla Walla

LOCATION:  Housesitting in Walla Walla, Washington
WEATHER:  Sunny and hot.  High about 95.
We spent the day preparing for the homeowners' return - giving the front garden, the vegetable patch, and the backyard gardens a good watering plus general tidying up.  
I gave Genji his last morning walk.  
I have enjoyed  walking him in different parts of the historic district, gazing at the many Victorian mansions, like this one across the street from our house.
The homeowners returned in the afternoon.  They have been housesitting near Bend, Oregon.  It was fun swapping stories about our housesitting experiences.  Then we walked downtown with a neighbor for a brew in one of the town's brewpubs, giving the homeowners a chance to get settled back in.
DINNER:  I made shrimp and grits for the homeowners, wanting to use up the grits before we leave for Thailand.  I found a recipe that I could prepare ahead of time, so I wouldn't have to be cooking in the evening.  It was good - with lots of cheese, onions, bell peppers and hot sauce.  I topped it with Japanese panko.  The weather cooled off so that we could enjoy dinner outside.  

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