Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017. From the holy to the naughty - sides of Bangkok

LOCATION:  Housesitting in Bangkok, Thailand

WEATHER:  Hot and humid.  Highs about 95


We spent the morning at the condo, minding our cat Bronson.  Here he is, striking a pose and asking to be brushed. He is BIG
We tried another exotic fruit that we have been seeing a lot in the markets  for breakfast.  This one is called ramburtan.  I think it is related to the lychee fruit, except it has spines. The skin of the lychee fruit, however,  is like an elephant's.  

The fruit inside is quite sweet but it takes a while to peel and to remove the seed.  

We ate lunch at home, as I need to use up some food before we leave in a few days.  I made Japanese zaru soba, a refreshing cold buckwheat noodle dish.  


Then in the afternoon, we visited the Erawan Shrine.  It is a Hindu shrine that attracts more visitors than about any other place in Bangkok, as praying there is supposed to give you good luck.   We learned that the Erawan Shrine was built in 1956 as part of the government-owned Erawan Hotel to eliminate the bad karma believed caused by laying the foundations on the wrong site.    

Visitors buy incense sticks and garlands of flowers and place them on the shrine.

Then if you want really good luck, you pay to have these singers and dancers perform for you while you pray....  

From the holiest place, we took the Sky Train two stops away to Bangkok's naughtiest area.  It is called the Adult Playground of SE Asia.


We watched as the "working girls" cuddle up to a tourist, asking him to buy her a drink.  From there, it proceeds to lots of giggles and touching.  One (which I won't describe) became pretty serious.  These girls below are waiting for their customers.  
We sat and watched the amazing scenes go by....
Bangkok is also famous for its "girl boys".  I've seen them on the streets and in the Sky Train.  They are very effeminate  and are really "pretty".  This one was dressed up for the evening....  

Some of the bars cater just to that type.


Other bars have signs proclaiming that they guarantee "real" girls.  We were there in the evening; it must get really crazy as the night goes on...

DINNER:  Leftover time.  I made a rice bake with spaghetti sauce and broccoli and cheese. 


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