Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 1, 2017. Brewpub day

CAMPGROUND:  Hell's Canyon RV Resort.  5 starts out of 5.  On a marina.  Full hook-ups.  Indoor pool.  Super friendly staff.  Typical commerical RV park spaces.  Picnic tables. Cable TV.  Good wifi.   $34

LOCATION:  Clarkston, Washington on Idaho border, on Snake River

WEATHER:  Hot and sunny.  High 100  

We spent the morning at our homesitting assignment in Walla Walla.  George had to squeeze the Airstream out of their backyard.  It was super tight - about 1 inch between the Airstream and their gate.  He did it though....he is very good at this.


We had a nice breakfast outside with the homeowners, while Genji sat by our sides...

It has been a good assignment - nice and relaxing with an opportunity to get to know Walla Walla a bit.  Today's destination is Hell's Canyon, about 100 miles east of Walla Walla.

No sooner had we left Walla Walla than we saw our first brewput.  Screech.....we stopped to give it a try.
Cute signage....
In addition to trying their beers, we had some of their featured Walla Walla onion rings.  Decadent!

The scenery was miles of this --- peas and wheat fields

Lunch was at another brewput in a cute historic town along the way.  

We will spend the weekend here in Clarkston.  With the 4th of July holiday, it is not fun searching for campgrounds or RV parks at the last minute.  There is quite a bit of stuff to do here.  We will stay until the 4th, and then will drive to Boise to catch our flight to Bangkok.


After setting up, we walked to the marina where we signed up to go on a jet boat tour of the canyon this weekend.  Then, we drove into town to another brewpub.  We talked with some locals who gave us some suggetions of places to visit, restaurants to try, etc in the area.   Back at the RV park, we took a nice swim in the RV park's beautiful indoor pool and cooled off.  It felt so good.   

DINNER:  Leftover fried rice.  



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