Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4, 2017. Down the river to Boise

LOCATION:  Hampton Inn at Boise, Idaho airport

WEATHER:  Hot again.  High 100


We parked the Airstream at a storage lot across the street from the RV park where we have been staying in Clarkson, Washington.  I sure hope it stays safe while we are gone!

We drove about 280 miles south to Boise.  All the way, we followed rivers with people rafting and kayaking.  Everyone was enjoying the 4th of July in the cool rivers.

The scenery was gorgeous, with the river on one side and beautiful pine trees on the mountain sides.  

We are flying out of Boise Airport tomorrow for our housesitting assignments in Bangkok and Singapore.  We chose Boise as we have a housesitting assigment there when we return from Asia.  It involves a bit of back-tracking, but lets us explore more of Idaho.

We arrived in Boise about 5:00.  Included in the hotel's amenities noted on their website, were BBQ grills.  So, to celebrate the 4th, we bought hambuger patties and salads.  Unfortunately, when we arrived at the hotel, they said the grills were still in their winter storage unit!  Winter?  It is 100 degrees outside!!!  

DINNER:  Hamburger patties cooked in our room's microwave oven.  Surprisingly, they weren't bad.  

We watched the concerts and fireworks on PBS and called it an early night, for our early flight tomorrow AM.        

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