Friday, May 19, 2017

May 18, 2017. On to the Deep South

LOCATION:  Pickensville, Alabama.  Almost at the Mississippi border.
CAMPGROUND:  Pickensville Campground Corps of Engineers.  4 stars out of 5.  Large campsites with picnic tables, grills, fire pits and paved parking.  Clean bathrooms and showers.   $10 with senior pass.  On lake.  
WEATHER:  Sunny and hot in the AM.  High 90.  Thunderstorms in the PM.
We left Lake Lanier nice and early.  To our great dismay, the refrigerator seems to have died.  Even on electricity, it is not cooling.  The stinky French cheese grows stinkier by the hour.  We did buy some ice for the cooler which is helping.  
We don't have wifi, but I thought I had downloaded maps to help with the journey.  It is trickier when traveling the back roads.  Unfortunately, we got lost almost immediately, but continued on scenic roads taking us south and west, which is the general direction we need to be going.  
 Somehow, we took and wrong turn and ended up on Interstate 20, which was a mixed blessing......we were trying to stay off of interstates, but we were able to catch up on some time, and best of all, we found the Welcome Center at the Alabama state line.  We got a good map and the host gave us some helpful information about campgrounds.  He said there were some great Corps of Engineer campgrounds in the western part of the state.  Since that was our destination and since we had had such great luck with COE campgrounds, we decided to aim there.  
We found a grocery store and bought just enough for dinner, without buying foods that need refrigeration after tomorrow.  
The day had been mostly sunny, then started getting cloudy in the PM.  Then, the skies opened and a wall of water combined with dark black clouds hit us.  Thank goodness George was driving.  We could not see an inch in front of us.   What an experience!  On a positive cleaned off the pollen and spider webs we had collected while the Airstream was in storage. 
We arrived at the campground about 5:00 PM.  It is very nice, but is quite woodsy === many mosquitos.  We made a fire in the grill to cook hamburgers which we had bought, and to make a lot of smoke to keep the mosquitos at bay.  
We cranked on the A/C to cool things off and to help with the humidity.  I LOVE air conditioning!!!!
DINNER:  Appetizer of stinky French cheese with some hard rolls.  Then, grilled hamburgers.  Lima beans on the side.
Another early night, getting over jet leg.  

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  1. we are just north of you in a much less attractive campground since we are at the service center in Red Bay AL...