Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September review; Plans for October, 2017

To ReidsontheRoad blog followers,   As I posted before,  I have run out of capacity on this blog for photos. I will start a new blog (with lots of photos) starting in January.  Send me an email at reidkarm@gmail.com with your email address so I can send you a link to the new blog in January.   Meanwhile, I will post monthly updates (without photos).  :(   September -- Hard to believe that we started September way up north, with my aunt an uncle in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.  After spending a few days with them on their farm, we had a "holiday" with them at a cozy cabin in Jasper National Park, British Columbia.  Just lovely.  From there, we had glorious drives through the Rocky Mountains, ending up in Idaho.  We met up with our roadie friends Tony and Jenny who are from Nova Scotia.  We camped with them in Idaho, making day trips to view the beautiful scenery there.  Unfortunately, smoke from their many forest fires hid the grandeur.  We happily discovered Harvest Hosts.  It is a RV membership ($40/year) whereby we can camp FREE at wineries, breweries, museums, organic farms, etc.  As soon as we became members, we stayed in 10 locations.  All were unique and fun!  What a great concept!  We have been trying to see as many USA National Parks as we can.  The biggie - Yosemite - was still on our list to see, so we made it happen on this trip.  Joining up with Tony and Jenny again, we stayed a few nights in the northern, alpine section.  Then, down to the Yosemite Valley for more breath-taking scenery.  The day after we left the northern section, there was a 9-inch snowfall, trapping all the campers there.  We just dodged that bullet!  From there, we visited and camped at Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park and were dwarfed by the amazing, gigantic sequoia trees there.  Then, on back through the desert, staying at several fun Harvest Host sites - a fun 1950s diner, a schoolhouse converted to a brewery/restaurant, and a winery.  Then, to Austin, Texas where we bought a new Airstream!  This one is brand new and is 3 feet longer.  We traded in our old one, which has really been a great trailer but is now a little road weary.  Now back at our tiny house in south Texas, we are busy with getting the house ready.     October --- We will pick up the new Airstream next week in Austin, and will turn that into a week camping trip - with plans to stay a few days in the Texas Hills wine country, in an RV park and one night at a Harvest Host winery site. Then, our friends Tony and Jenny will join us here for a few days.  We plan to show them around the area, including a day trip across the Mexican border, and a few days on South Padre Island.  We still have a lot of honey-dos to complete in the house, but it is coming along.   Remember to send me an email with your email for the next blog.   I'll post again at the beginning of November.    Thanks again for being loyal readers!!!! Bonkers - if you are reading this, send me your email please.  

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