Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 12, 2017. Car and body check-up

CAMPGROUND:  Snyder Winery - another Harvest Host site.  Huge parking lot for the Airstream.  Beautiful vineyard setting.
LOCATION:  West of Twin Falls, in southwest Idaho.
WEATHER:  Very pleasant.  High about 85.  
We awoke to a young elk careening past our window.  We looked at each other and asked, "What was THAT?"  He had run down the lane, and was heading toward a field.  We watched him jump a couple of fences, then try to figure out how to escape from the fenced-in field.  It was quite impressive.
We listened to the sand hill cranes making an unusual noise out in the fields. 
We enjoyed a slow morning at the Kraay Farm.  They even had great wifi for us so we did some catching-up on the internet.  
We picked some beautiful squash, zucchini and herbs from one of the gardens.  
The owner started early in the morning, working in the greenhouses.  A group of school children arrived for a field trip and to "help" do some harvesting.  
We bought some tomatoes from the owner's wife.  
We even took advantage of the outdoor solar shower.  Unfortunately, since it was still morning, the water hadn't warmed up much. Sorry - no "action photos" of the actual shower experience....
Twin Falls was our destination for the day.  A medium-sized city, we thought we would get the oil changed in the truck, and have a MD look at my ankle that hasn't healed from the tumble I took 2.5 weeks ago.  We found an oil/lube store right next to the urgent care clinic.  George got the oil changed; I had x-rays done that show that I don't have any broken bones in my ankle or foot.  That is great news!  I guess it just takes longer for these old bones to heal than it used to!
We found tonight's Harvest Host RV site west of Twin Falls.  It is in the middle of farmland.  The owner has a small vineyard and has created an event center for weddings, corporate meetings, etc.  The gardens are beautiful.  
To support the winery, we had ordered dinner.  We thought it was a regular restaurant, but found out that the owner only opens on the weekends and for events.  However, she said that she always cooks for Harvest Host guests, if they/we would like.  So, we enjoyed a gourmet dinner on the patio overlooking the garden - and had the place to ourselves!   I had salmon; George had prime rib.  It was a fixed menu, starting with a crab cocktail, then Caesar salad, and then our main course.  George's meat was so big that it didn't fit on the plate.  Each of our entrees came with an absolutely gigantic Idaho baked potato, with all the fixings.  We bought a bottle of her wine for dinner.  We have so many leftovers - which is a concern due to our stupid refrigerator.  George tried the rich bourbon custard pie, but could only manage a few bites.  So much for our "free" campsite - since we bought two dinners.  Oh well - we like to support local endeavors and it was a unique experience.

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